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05/24/2009: "Ducati Group Ride"

Today I went on a ride with some fellow Ducatisti (Ducati fans). The ride was actually posted in several Ducati forums as well as some of the Bay Area Riders Forums, including the one I just joined B.A.R.F. (which stands for Bay Area Riders Forum). From what I can tell, BARF is the biggest riders forum in the Bay.

The early morning risers all met for some coffee at the Starbuck in Saratoga before we headed up Hwy 9:
DucGroupRide_01 (50k image)

Hwy 9 was actually really clear and nice. Except for the LEO who was walking towards the center line with his arms out when we went by. We weren't quite sure wanted us to stop and decided not to take our chances. Those bringing up the rear of the pack were merely given the "slow down" sign by the LEO.

Once we got on Skyline there was still a lot of fog and the roads were still wet in not just a few places.

Once we got to the 2nd meeting spot in Woodside, we all headed up back up towards Skyline hoping it the fog had burned off. It hadn't. As we all stood there, cold and slightly wet; we decided if we wanted the ride to continue the ride it would be best to find warmer climates and head east.

We eventually decided to head up Mt. Hamilton. Despite the technical switchbacks on the way up to the Observatory, it was well worth the ride for the warmer weather.
DucGroupRide_02 (33k image)

DucGroupRide_03 (39k image)

DucGroupRide_04 (19k image)

DucGroupRide_05 (30k image)

I think the real fun began after I took these pictures, going down the backside of Mt. Hamilton to the roads leading to this motorcycle hangout called "The Junction" were a blast. We had lunch at "the Junction" and then had even more fun on some roads I don't remember the name of, but I got into a good rhythm on these roads.

Great Day with a great bunch of Ducatisti. big grin