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05/28/2009: "20th Mod: Billet Aluminum Brake Pedal Lever"

So, I exercised my right to stumble across something new. wink My 20th mod took about 25 minutes to install, mostly because I had to take the right side fairing off. I won a Black Anodized billet aluminum brake pedal lever made by the Gas Cap Dude in an auction on Ebay.
Duchess_Billet_BrakePedalLever (40k image)

I was a bit skeptical about bidding on it at first, because I did need the extension piece that was sent with the Ottimoto rearsets. I emailed the Gas Cap Dude and told him about my needs and he said they make a extension piece that he could add for $5. That's all I need to hear to "Buy It Now".

I really like the looks of this pedal lever vs. the cheesy looking extension that was provided in the Ottimoto rearset kit. Ottimoto would be smart if they got the Gas Cap Dude to make this brake lever pedal for them to include in their rearset kits (which do include a shifter pedal lever). Ottimoto? Hello? Are you listening?