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June 2009

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06/04/2009: "21st Mod: Carbon Fiber-look Billet Aluminum Bar Ends"

I did it again. I exercised my right to stumble across something new. wink

My 21st mod should have taken about 10 minutes to install, but instead, the installation took about 4 hours. angry, grr

Here's what happened. I bid on a pair of Carbon Fiber-look Billet Aluminum Bar Ends with Ducati engraved on them that I found on Ebay (how could I pass these up).

So, I win the auction and send my PayPal payment off immediately. The Seller communicates well and send me notification when they ship. It's all good right? Once they arrive, I skip happily back from the mailbox and start to put them on immediately.

As I'm putting on the bar ends, I notice that I can't get the end of the bar end that is supposed to fit in the end of the clip-on to go in (you following me here). I take a quick measurement and notice the hole at the end of the clip-on is 16.5mm but the end of the bar end that's supposed to go in that hole is 18mm? confused

I sent the Seller and email 24 hours ago and still haven't heard a response. Looks like I'll have to give some Neutral feedback to this Seller. plain

Since I don't have a lathe, I called my buddy Steve (ApexMolester on SBR) and he suggested I get ahold of the SBR admin Andy. Andy then pointed me to Nichols Motorcycle Shop.

After calling and talking to Jim, he told me to go ahead and bring them in with the bike. Once I got there, met the Family-owned and run shop with YEARS of experience servicing and making parts, mostly for Ducatis, I knew I was in the right place. big grin

Jim and co hooked me up for just $20. Now the bar ends fit PERFECTLY, thanks to the gang at Nichols.
Duchess_Billet_CF-look_Bar_Ends (46k image)

Let that be a lesson for you boys and girls, when life hands you lemons . . make lemonade big grin