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06/18/2009: "Mid-week Lunch ride"

I missed out on getting some miles on Duchess last weekend for a great reason. I went to SoCal to attend my youngest son's 8th birthday party. I also got some early Father's Day presents smile

But, I finished my project at work, had no mid-day meetings and the weather here was perfect for a lunch time ride to Alice's.

I got in contact with a long time moto-friend, Andy, the admin of SBR. He actually helped me move in here months ago and we had never gotten a chance to ride together since I moved here. Considering he only lives 15 minutes away, is one hell of a rider, knows some of the best roads in the Santa Cruz mountains (been riding them over 30 years) AND is a fabulous photographer . . this injustice had to be corrected big grin

I left work "early" for lunch, geared up and rode over to Andy's place. Once we got there he showed me THE best route to get to Page Mill rd from his place. He gave me plenty of demonstrations of just all the different places you could "wheelie for safety"
Andy_Wheelie4Safety (65k image)

Once we got to Alice's, we had some lunch with some other SBR members that happened to be taking their lunch break at Alice's.

One of my own selfish goals for the ride with Andy was to get some pics of me on Duchess. wink So, after lunch Andy and I decided we were going to hit up a couple of roads I'd been on before, get some pictures and then head back. Marci decided to join us on her GSXR-600. She has had a knee replacement surgery and this was her first ride after the surgery. I could certainly sympathize with her having had a surgery on my knee not so long ago.

We got some great pic that I simply can't capture all of here . . and why should I when Andy's done such a good job of it in this thread on SBR.

CS&Duchess_3_Blog (39k image)

Needless to say, it was a great lunch break. Thanks Andy and Marci big grin

Andy_Marci_Stan (76k image)