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June 2009

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06/20/2009: "Ducati Group Ride gets a new member"

So, about a week and a half ago I helped Matt, a co-worker and friend, pick up a 2003 Ducati 999s. He's been salivating over Duchess since I picked her up and has always wanted a Ducati himself. He'd been debating getting a Speed Triple (he being a Brit and all) but the allure of the Ducati was just too much, plus he got a smokin' deal for it (practically stole it, he did).

Since I was out of town last weekend, we didn't get a chance to ride. So, for this weekend, I planned to get together with Chris and maybe a few of his closer friends for a smallish group ride. I find these rides allow for everyone to really get to talk more and stay together.

So we got together in the usual spot, and we weren't alone. Another fairly large group ride was planned to meet at the same spot and time.
DucGR2_01 (57k image)

Despite Matt just getting the 999s, he sure did seem to be eyeing Chris's Hypermotard awfully closely wink
DucGR2_02 (59k image)

The group consisted of Ducati:
Matt (999s), Chris (Hypermotard), Sandy (999r) & myself
as well as some non-Ducati:
Brandon (CBR600RR), Matt (SuperDuke 990) & Sicko (R6)

I led the group up Hwy 9 to Hwy 35 (aka Skyline) and then on to Alice's. Chris decided to be photographer for this ride and get out in front of the group and get some shots of us rounding a pretty nice corner on Hwy 9.
DucGR2_03 (45k image)

Unfortunately for Matt, he was a bit to close to the rider in front and wasn't able to get his first shot of him riding the 999s. I'm sure he'll have plenty to purchase from the photographers that stand trackside at most track day events soon enough.

We then stopped at Alice's for a bit, at which point Sicko decided there were too many corners for him and bailed out. We then took Hwy 84 to Pescadaro Rd (aka Pescy). I really like Pescy, it reminds me a lot of the more technical roads in the Santa Monica Mtns. We then regrouped at a gas station at which point Sandy had to had home.

We then took Cloverdale down to Hwy 1. We rolled down Hwy 1 and looked for another good spot to get some pictures.
DucGR2_04 (23k image)

The boys and their bikes:
DucGR2_05 (24k image)

At this point we were hungry and headed to a little spot in Capitola for some fuel for the bike and the boys. Once we finished eating, the serious riding began.
We took Porter St/Soquel San Jose Rd to Summit Rd. We then took Summit Rd to Old Santa Cruz Hwy where we made the customary stop at the Fire Station.

At this point, Brandon and Matt (KTM) had to get going since they had long rides home. The 3 remains Ducs just had to get some more curves in (to make up for all the freeway stuff we were doing before lunch). We took the 17 to 9.

At this point, Matt was obviously feeling more comfortable than his mornings phrase "I'll just stay in the back" and decided to lead. We did a 'lap' on 9 and then Chris had to head home. Matt and I did 2 more laps before we finally decided to call it a day.

Good times. Nice to see Matt getting into his groove on the 999s. We were carrying some nice "street sane" corner speed through most of our after lunch ride on 9.

I just can't get enough though, so Duchess and I will be out for a "Mellow Group Ride" tomorrow bright and early. smile